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Kettlercise® Group Fitness Course :

Kettlercise® Instructor Group Fitness Course, ‘one piece of equipment, one goal’.....!

EARLY BIRD BOOKING DISCOUNT: You can SAVE over £50.00’s using ourEarly Bird Booking Discount(Normal Course Price £247 inc vat), book NOW to avoid disappointment and your investment is just £197 (inc VAT) PLUS you’ll receive ADDITIONAL Bonuses valued at £159.97 absolutely FREE if you book right now! But HURRY courses sell out FAST!.

Who’s it for:

Finally, a kettlebell course that shows you how to integrate Kettlebell training in to your business in a proven, effective, results driven class format!  Designed for personal trainers, fitness professionals, gym owners and health tour operators that want to add to their existing class timetable and put more money on their bottom line.  More than just an exercise class
Kettlercise® IS a complete ‘business in a box’!

What is Kettlercise®:

Kettlercise® it a one day course aimed at the personal trainer, gym instructor, health operator or gym owner that wants to teach an effective, proven, recognised  Kettlebell course in a structured, proven, effective system. Kettlercise® integrates the traditional kettlebell in to a high volume, low intensity; all over body work out delivered in a 50 minute heart pumping, fat burning, and muscle toning class routine. This program delivers a lean, toned body without the look of huge bulky muscles………...fat burning just got real simple. The Kettlercise® programme follows the B.S.M. System, raising the metabolic rate skywards, ‘gaining a more bang for your buck’ complete all over body workout.

As we all know, the body is a system of systems. Kettlercise® is no different. It’s systemised, it’s simple to follow, it’s capable of delivering lightning speed results and is THE conditioning tool that solves the mystery of bringing kettlebell training to the masses. You can take a group of clients who may have never even seen a kettlebell before and within minutes they are enjoying their first kettlebell training experience. Kettlercise® eliminates the need for clients to have 1:2:1 kettlebell sessions to learn the basics – they can just go straight in to attending a Kettlercise® class. Your clients will be astonished at the lightning speed results that kettlebells deliver and in lightening quick time.

The Kettlercise® course covers a huge range of kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques, allowing you to have more control over classes whilst tailoring them to its participants, from high energy pulse raises to being able to place extra emphasis on target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms and thighs and all with maximum effectiveness. Never before has it been sooooooooo much fun to be a Kettlebell Instructor. I sound excited don’t I? Well that’s because I am! We trialled it, we tested it, we tweaked it, we tested it some more, then we polished it and now it’s in its finished format.....Welcome to Kettlercise®.

#9 Reasons why you should put Kettlercise® in to your fitness timetable? 

In these challenging times of retaining and attracting gym members you need to stay ahead of your competition.  When clients find something new, fresh and exciting that really works their loyalty to you can be extremely tested to say the least.

#1. It’s easy for you to implement and market.

#2.       It can be an added profit opportunity – the important

                secondary spend.

#3.       It’s simple and fun to teach and clients love it.

#4.     It’s a brilliant cross selling opportunity in to 1:2:1 PT sessions.

#5.       It has countless routine variations helping you to

                retain client  interest.

#6.     BIG REASON: Instant return on Investment. 

#7.         It’s open to 90% of gym members.

#8.         It has its own supportive supplement range.

#9.       It’s an entire functional body work out that gets

for your clients and members……

Here’s what’s included in the Kettlercise® Course: 

The Kettlercise® Program is taught over 1 Full Day. During the day we’ll coach you through the Kettlercise® concept and the strategies that lie behind it. You’ll cover all of the exercises that are required for you to be able to conduct a successful Kettlercise® class. We’ll also share with you how some people get it wrong and the secrets you need to know to make sure it goes right (we have Kettlercise® Instructors earning 30k per year from just 3 hours a week).......and here’s what you get as part of your Kettlercise® course:

Ok, I really want to do this, tell me the investment so I can start to deliver Kettlercise® immediately:

You can
SAVE over £50.00's using our 'Early Bird Booking Discounts' (Normal course price £247), book early and your investment is just £164.17 (plus VAT) PLUS you'll receive ALL of the following Bonuses valued at £159.97 absolutely FREE if you book right now!.

You get this:

Normally £49.99
yours FREE:

2 DVD Instructor set covering 3 Kettlercise® Programmes:

1.         Kettlercise® ‘Full Body Attack Program’.                    

2.         Kettlercise® ‘Legs & Ab’s Blast Class’.

3.         Kettlercise® ‘Upper Body Blitz Class’.

PLUS this:

Normally £49.99
yours FREE:

Kettlercise® 90 Page course manual including FULL exercise descriptions and photos of ALL the exercises covered on the course.

PLUS this:

Normally £49.99
yours FREE

Marketing Pack including: Kettlercise® class & Instructor logo’s, RKPS Certified Instructor logo’s, Poster & flyer images PLUS 12 Steps To Filling Your Kettlercise® Class, so great you’ll have clients just standing in line waiting to join.

PLUS this (and you can't put a price on this one!!) Your Own Dedicated 'Kettlercise® Success Coach': Giving you that personal touch and helping you make more of Kettlercise® as it's designed to be...........a complete 'Business In a Box' and to help you grow your existing business.

...........all of the above included with your course fee PLUS much, much more!!.

A couple of things you need to know.

The Kettlercise® course is a very practical course and you’ll be training a lot throughout the day and  a change of clothing will be required as you may sweat a little, in fact you may sweat a lot!......., you may experience muscle soreness during the course and for a few days afterwards (don’t worry this is normal).  For this reason you may also want to bring the following with you in addition to extra gym kit: water and a protein fuelled lunch!!.

KETTLERCISE® is a licensed, trademarked Group Fitness course and you can only conduct a course if your name appears on the Register of Kettlebell Professionals (R.K.P.S.). There is a membership fee payable yearly of £25.00.



                                 THEY SELL OUT

Need more info on Kettlebell Training? Click here to Read the Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Kettlebell Training.

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Kettlercise® H.Core Group Fitness Course :


Kettlercise® H.Core Group Fitness Programme.  NEW!!


The Kettlercise® H.Core Course takes Kettlercise® to an all new level!   This one day programme aimed at EXISTING Kettlercise® Instructors takes things to the next phase.


Here’s What The Course Looks Like:


- Principles of the Kettlercise® H.Core Class.

 - Who of your clients should and should not attend.

 - Safe loading parameters.


Here’s The Training Phase:

- H.Core Kettlercise® mobility drills.

 - H.Core Kettlercise® Specific Warm Up.


........we’ll break down each section in to simple to understand chunks including:


- H.Core coaching on Swings, cleans, Snatches & Lunges

 - Spotting the common flaws and
how to fix them

 - Double
Kettlercise® H.Core 

We’ll build on your exisiting knowledge of single arm drills

 - Completely new format for class timings

 - You’ll be personally coached through the entire Kettlercise® H.Core class system.


As always the Instructors are at hand to help should the need arise.

× Who SHOULDN'T Attend:


× If you haven’t
already completed the Kettlercise® Group Fitness Qualification

× If you think that you have nothing to learn

× If you’re a person NOT interested in helping your  clients become fitter, stronger and even leaner!



Who SHOULD Attend:

If you’ve already completed the Kettlercise® Group Fitness Qualification

 √ If you’re wanting to build on the foundations
of the knowledge that you already have

 If you’re interested
in helping your clients achieve more in less time

 √ If you want to add
to your schedule of effective group fitness programmes

 √ If you want to build additional revenue in your business

  If you enjoy
working out




Need more info on Kettlebell Training? Click here to Read the Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Kettlebell Training.

To Book Your Place on our next course
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About the Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course :

What EVERY Fitness Professional should know about Kettlebell Training for RESULTS!

“Discover How To Go From ‘Ordinary’ To 

‘Extra-Ordinary’ Guy Noble Reveals THE 

SECRETS To 1-2-1 Coaching For RESULTS

With Kettlebells!”

If You Want To Rise To The Top Of The Fitness Profession This Could Be THE Most Important Information You’ll Ever Read......

Your Special Invitation To:

Guy Noble’s Secrets AND Strategies To Successful Implementation of: CLIENT 1-2-1 COACHING WITH KETTLEBELLS FOR STRENGTH & CONDITIONING


A TWO Day Kettlebell Specialist Course, Limited Availability


Dear Member

Training Athletes or Clients that need immediate results in as little as 4-6 weeks requires smartly crafted training programs that are scientifically proven for success!  Done right, not only will these winning methods produce lightning fast results for your clients they can also propel you to the forefront of the fitness profession as THE go to trainer.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anybody else who has had as many successes with every single one of these methods as Guy has.  I also don’t know anyone who has done so much with Kettlebells by being in the front line and deep down in the trenches over the past 14 years.

He’s crafted more Kettlebell workshops, seminars, presentations, DVD’s, courses, editorials and fitness articles than anyone else I know!

Seriously, there is NO other expert in the Kettlebell field and you shouldn’t have any doubt that he is THE guy to sit up and take notice of. He possesses real hands on experience, fact-based know-how and more information about this, including, yes, dare I say “secrets” that rise above that of any other alleged self-appointed Kettlebell gurus.....????? out there.

NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME…......He is consolidating all of this experience into a systematic explanation of everything he knows how to do to raise the results in any 1:2:1 training. 



“ It’s very difficult to say what the one best thing was about this course as not only was it thoroughly enjoyable and informative but a MUST for anyone who has been playing around with Kettlebells for a while who THINK THEY KNOW what they are talking about!!  There IS a difference between ‘thinking you know and actually knowing you know’.  This course WILL change your perception AND give you the knowledge you need to pass on to your clients. “

GRAHAM RICHARDS, Kettlercise & Kettlebell Specialist Instructor, Suffolk 

Candidly, there’s a lot of SLOPPINESS, HASTE & WASTE in the way most trainers approach their One- To-One opportunities and efforts. Some even forego full client analysis entirely and foolishly leap straight in to training and “wing it” and EVEN WITHOUT writing a training program.  Freakin’ STUPID.  There IS a science to crafting ANY and EVERY kind of workout for intended effect. Fat loss, hypertrophy (muscle building), strength, power and speed………You need not risk guesswork!   There are well-tested, well-proven structures and methods that yield top results and Guys ready to share them with you .

Guy has created HUNDREDS of workout programs for himself, his clients and believe me when I say it’s ‘systematic’ AND he knows what needs to be in there, what needs to be done, AND what needs to be avoided and he knows what works and what definitely doesn’t work.

My observations of almost every trainer’s workouts that they conduct with clients are that serious mistakes are being made; serious flaws are occurring and important drivers for success are omitted.

Not so long ago I overheard a Personal Trainer asking his client these words: “So what do you fancy doing today?”  The client responded:  “I’m not sure what have you got planned?” It’s plainly obvious that the Trainer had NO idea or clue as to what he was going to do for the client’s session and quite frankly doesn’t deserve to be paid.  The client isn’t the expert!!  The Trainer should be paid for knowledge that leads to results and not the other way round.......it’s completely bizarre!


Never before has anything like this been offered in the Kettlebell Training world.  Guy has agreed to ‘ show his secrets’ of Kettlebell training for optimal results in 1:2:1 coaching.

He will reveal the EXACT process that he goes through for training professional Athletes or Clients that demands real results immediately and why he can charge £150 per hour plus for 1:2:1 training. On top of this he’s also agreed to:

#1: share the ‘six locks you need to have the keys for to unleash performance’.

#2: help you identify the movement patterns in a given sport to give your athletes the winning advantage

#3: help you identify faulty programs and correct them immediately before you start to make matters worse

#4: he’ll show you both Ascending and Descending Exercises according to your clients ability and to produce optimal results at lightening speed!

#5: he’ll break down the exercises into learnable chunks using the D.I.S.C method

#6: he’ll cover all the usual Kettlebell exercises but more importantly where it goes wrong AND what to do about it and why

#7: help you further develop your knowledge on the science of bell training in relation to: ‘the four things that you MUST have in any training program for anyone’ .....miss just one of these and it WILL hamper results.

#8: you’ll discover Advanced BSM Programs for maximum fat loss!

#9 : he’s scheduled valuable time for Q & A with the man himself (priceless)

#10:  PLUS Special BONUS Seminar: This is really two courses in one!

BONUS SEMINAR ‘PROGRAM DESIGNDay 1 Special Evening Session

1 - Guy will show you his templates that he uses with his client’s

2 - Coach you through different types of training programs

3 - Training cycles for your clients and its application on results

4 - How most trainers teach clients and what they really should do especially if they want to rise to the top of the profession – this is NOT just applicable to bell training!

5 - German Body Comp training and exercise selection

6 - German Volume Training

7 - Anatomical Adaption

8 - Functional Hypotrophy

........ALL of the above PLUS  much, much more!

How much difference will THIS course make to you as a trainer? I cannot even begin to tell you how much difference this course will make to you as a trainer just in the Bonus Seminar alone............ if you ‘go’ and ‘apply’ what you take away here...... it CAN literally change your income over night.  I know when I learned these things it doubled mine!

This is a jam packed two days of practical and REAL VALUE discussions of what’s working now in the Strength & Conditioning world.

VERY enjoyable and VERY demanding course and well worth the investment.  You can really improve your own techniques as well as giving you the practice and knowledge to correct others too.  I would highly recommend this course to any Instructor

                JAYNE MELLING, Kettlercise & Kettlebell Specialist Instructor, Lincolnshire


You’ll leave with a tool box full of written ‘done for you’ templates and not only that you’ll have the new ability to write your own for optimal performance should you choose to do so. I know you’re asking yourself “well is it not the same as Kettlercise®?” and my answer to that is NO it’s COMPLETELY different. The ONLY similarity is that we use kettlebells......that’s it!  Kettlercise® is one type of training with Kettlebells. THIS delves deep into multiple training systems that just down right work when applied correctly.

NO plans to do it elsewhere.

We are only currently conducting this course here in Lancashire and have NO plans to do it anywhere else.  However, there are loads of hotel chains within 5 mins of the Centre and the Centre is even just off the motorway so very easy to get here.

Can you imagine the difference applying this information will make to your life .......even if you got one or two clients a month this course would pay for itself many times over in a very short period of time?  Even if you’re not a personal trainer and have no intention of training professional athletes or clients, but just want to improve your own training it’s a complete no brainer.

Now, when Guy and I sat down and he revealed all the information that he’s going to show and share and I was shocked ...............even down to the templates and ‘done for you’ programs .........he’s letting you take them all away with you.

I remember having to jump on a plane, travel half way round the world, stay in a hotel for a week to learn this stuff and now he wants to give it away for FREE in the bonus seminar! 

This course has to be worth upwards of £995.00 for the two days and probably nearly the same for the bonus seminar, so a total value of £1990.00. So, I want to sell this course at a minimum of £995 but Guy over rules me and says “NO”! 


So, here’s the craziest offer I have ever written down:

GUYS  Special Price & Invitation To You That are Willing to Invest in yourselves NOW is:

Standard Course Price SHOULD BE £995

Special Offer Price NOW £597.00

Payment Options available please contact us for further details: T: 01282 698698 or E: sales@kettlebellseminars.co.uk

AND I’m even prepared to put my money where my mouth is by including a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

IF by the close of play on Day 1 and before the Bonus Seminars if you haven’t had MORE than value for money – I’ll give you a FULL REFUND, NO questions asked!


p.s.  We are NOT offering this training anywhere else in the country ONLY here and NO plans to do so!


If you are serious about enhancing your own training and passing on that knowledge to your own clients then you would have to be mad to ignore the opportunity for development with attending this Kettlebell Specialist CourseI would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for that extra something to develop transferrable skills when training their clients, even at Gold Medal Level the education that I took away was priceless in comparison to the investment.“

MATT PRICE, British Gold Medallist 6th Dan, KUGB & World Champion, LEEDS KARATE ACADEMY

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About the Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Course :

The Level 2 coaching program builds on both the Kettlercise™ system and the Level  1 coaching program. This 2 day course is particularly aimed at the Level 1 fitness professional who wants to progress to the Level 2 qualification that is aimed at trainers who are looking to work with semi-pro or pro athletes or even looking to enhance their existing training skills.

This level is more focused on strength, speed and power and again is a very physically demanding course covering the more advanced kettlebell techniques with superior program design.

There are both physical and practical demonstrations and practical and written exams and covers advanced techniques that will give you the edge in your training and client performance. Here's just some of what we cover both single and double kettlebell drills:

  • Clean & Jerk

  • Power Snatches

  • Hang Cleans

  • Split Snatches 

  • Rows and variations

In addition to the exercises we will show you ……….

  • Lower extremity advanced fixing the flaws

  • Stretching workshop

  • I.M.A. Muscle activation drills

  • Active release and its role in Kettlebells

You will leave the course with the Kettlebell knowledge that will separate you from the average trainer, and here’s just some of what you’ll take away with you upon completion:

  • How to increase power and speed in your clients given discipline

  • How to write a superior program

  • How to instantly fix faulty motor programs

  • How to perform and coach the advanced Kettlebell program drills

  • How to combine power circuits with conventional training method

You’ll be able to: understand and apply the D.I.S.C. method of coaching to complex Level 2 kettlebell drills.

You’ll be able to: practically apply and demonstrate the safety considerations of training with a kettlebell at an advanced level.

You’ll be able to: demonstrate and instruct the correct techniques for all Level 2 Kettlebell exercises.

You’ll be able to: integrate, write and implement advanced kettlebell training circuits in addition to other training methods and deliver to clients in the most effective training programs.

You’ll be able to: analyse, instruct and correct a client’s mistakes, both method and posture.

PLUS receive a full course manual including step by step photographs of each exercise. 

PLUS full detailed explanations of coaching points and common faults associated with each exercise. 

PLUS example circuits for you to use immediately with clients upon successful completion of the course. 

PLUS Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor certification

***(Note: You can only complete this course having previously completed the Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course)

BUT PERHAPS MOST OF ALL.........................The R.K.P.S. strongly believe that the Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor course is THE most in–depth course covering THE widest range of exercises available to fitness professionals AND delivers THE most value for money available anywhere in the world today.

Need more info on Kettlebell Training? Click here to Read the Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Kettlebell Training.

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A contract is entered into with Kettlebell Seminars Ltd at the time of booking with either full or part payment. The contract includes a renewable licence fee.

Payment Visa/Credit or Debit:
Payment is due strictly at the time of booking. If you wish to pay by credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards such as Switch and Delta. You will receive your invoice via email when you place your order via our website. We regret that we cannot re-issue lost invoices.

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Kettlebell Seminars reserve the right to rearrange the course venue. You shall not have any claim against Kettlebell Seminars Ltd in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever consequent up on the Course failing (for whatsoever reason) to be held or the Course venue being or becoming wholly or partially unavailable for holding of the Course for whatsoever reason. Kettlebell Seminars Ltd reserves the right to re-arrange or postpone the course, or offer an alternative venue to within a reasonable distance of the original venue without liability. A necessary change in venue, dates of course, location or otherwise will not be a breach of contract and shall be binding upon all parties.  It is the attendees responsibility to make all travel arrangements to a scheduled venue.

Additional Terms & Conditions

Standard Annual Licence: A basic licence fee of £25.00 (or currency equivalent) is payable by an Instructor annually to remain a Registered Instructor and is a minimum requirement when attending any Kettlebell Seminars Ltd course. This is your responsibility and must be paid by you and as previously stated is a minimum requirement. The standard annual license fee forms part of the consideration for the purpose of the contract. A certificate of qualification will not be issued until the license fee has successfully been collected by Kettlebell Seminars Ltd. If a certificate is not held the individual will not be deemed a qualified Instructor. The license fee forms part of the consideration of the contract and failure to pay will be deemed as a breach of contract and all rights removed.

NOTE: An SO MUST be filled in PRIOR to course day grading and forms part of your entered contract with Kettlebell Seminars Ltd. Failure to do so will result in the attendee not being allowed to grade and therefore failing the course.

Privilege Monthly Licence: A Premium Monthly Licence fee of £19.97 (or currency equivalent) is payable by an Instructor reoccurring monthly and has many additional benefits over and above the Standard Annual Licence. This is your responsibility and must be paid by you as agreed. The Privilege License Fee forms part of the consideration for the purpose of the contract. A certificate of qualification will not be issued until the license fee has successfully been set up and the first month collected by Kettlebell Seminars Ltd. If a certificate is not held the individual will not be deemed a qualified Instructor. The license fee forms part of the consideration of the contract and failure to pay will be deemed as a breach of contract and all rights removed.

NOTE: An SO MUST be filled in PRIOR to course day grading and forms part of your entered contract with Kettlebell Seminars Ltd. Failure to do so will result in the attendee not being allowed to grade and therefore failing the course.

IMPORTANT: ALL queries regarding licence fees please call Tel: 01282 698 698 PRIOR TO COURSE ATTENDANCE.

Late Arrival: Delegates that arrive more than 30 minutes after course commencement may be refused entry.

Kettlebell Seminars Ltd reserves the right in this instance to retain 100% of the Course fee.Kettlebell Seminars Ltd, R.K.P.S. reserves the right to refuse admission to any delegate who is deemed unsuitable for participation.

Maximise your kettlebell learning experience with kettlebell instructor course. At R.K.P.S., we offer 3 levels of kettlebell training courses that will help you become a qualified kettlebells instructor. The official Kettlercise™ program follows the BSM System, raising your metabolic rate and brings Kettlebell training firmly into the 21st century with a bang!