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Kettlebell Training Courses: About RKPS

If you are looking for a place where like minded health and fitness professionals come together to help clients get real results using kettlebells then this IS the place for you.

The R.K.P.S. was founded by Guy Noble the No 1 advisor on Kettlebell training to the health and fitness industry.

All R.K.P.S. instructors are trained to the highest level of competency in kettlebells. They understand motor engrams, faulty technique and proper correction drills to make the R.K.P.S. the gold standard of kettlebell training. To quote Guy Noble most trainers will attend any course as long as they get a certificate... we don't want most trainers. We only want the top 5%-10% of trainers to provide a growing platform of elite Kettlebell Instructors with key focus on delivering quality training and to raise both the skills and standards currently being taught in the Kettlebell aren't.

The R.K.P.S. Levels of Instruction

Both the Level 1 and Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor programs are graded at two levels: 

All Instructors are assessed on the following points:

A pass means that instructors have met the required grade and are able to teach kettlebell training to a high level.

A distinction means that an instructor has 'something else' and has achieved maximum marks upon examination both theoretically and practically.

If an instructor has completed the Kettlercise™ Program, Level 1 Instructor and Level 2 Instructor courses and has been awarded distinctions at both levels they may be invited to become an R.K.P.S. Training Faculty Member (note: the Kettlercise™ program has only one pass level).

All new Faculty Members will be allocated a coaching mentor to help develop further skills. After an initial qualifying period they will be able to teach the Kettlercise™ Program to fitness professionals and after reaching the required level will then proceed to teach the Level 1 Instructors program.

All R.K.P.S. training is currently carried out by our training provider Kettlebell Seminars Ltd.

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Have a look at our professional kettlebell certification courses available at R.K.P.S. and choose the best kettlebell instructor course for you. Our kettlebell advanced training courses have been designed specifically for personal trainers and fitness instructors. The official Kettlercise™ program follows the BSM System, raising your metabolic rate and brings Kettlebell training firmly into the 21st century with a bang!